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What Do We Fear Most?

What Do We Fear Most?

In this podcast, Sarah tells the story of her struggle with her son's addiction, and how she found freedom.We learn that:No family is immune from the infiltration of addiction into the family through one or more of the children.What appears normal slowly starts to change. Where a child was outgoing, now the child withdraws from healthy, active pursuits and grades start to fall.Discovery of a serious addiction to a powerful drug does little to change things, but it can have the parents cast about for answers far and wide. Some of the answers are costly.The one dominant emotion after shame is fear. Fear of the unknown and of harm coming to a child can be all-consuming. Fear permeates the entire family day and night.It isn't until the family admits its powerlessness over their child's addiction that they can begin to free themselves from its grip and accept the help they deserve.

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