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More about enabling and co-dependency

More about enabling and co-dependency

Enabling, what enabling?In this episode, we ask you to shine the light on your own denial and enabling if you happen to love an active addict or alcoholic.In this episode we learn that:The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions which are well-meaning but misguided when it comes to addiction.Denial is a big part of enabling, since families will invariably deny that they suspect or have an addiction problem. Add shame and fear of being “found out” and you have the perfect recipe for the disease to flourish. Secrecy is a main ingredient in this witch’s brew.Intervention is when the addict is given a loving choice between the consequences of continued using and taking a step into recovery.There is nothing worse than a bungled intervention which may take years to recover from. Hire a professional and whether you do or not, everyone be as ready as you possibly can. Everyone read the same intervention book.Finally, the big shocker: it takes an average of eleven years before a family reaches out for help. (Don’t wait to take action: avoid years of pain and the heartache that comes with allowing the disease to have its way with you and your entire family.)

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