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From the Playboy Mansion to the Dumpster

From the Playboy Mansion to the Dumpster

In this podcast, we share a story from Tom M. He tells us of his early life as a child of privilege, his rise to the top of his game, his descent into desperation, and his redemption at long last.We learn that:A fine pedigree and all the material advantages one could possibly want does not make anyone immune to the lure of addiction.Getting caught up in the high life creates an artificial sense that it could never end when the end is closer than it appears.Even getting fired from one of the greatest jobs in the world wasn't enough to wake Tom up. The addiction had overpowered him, clouding his judgment as to the reality of his condition.It took him almost freezing to death behind a dumpster to finally get him to admit complete defeat.Guided by spiritual principles as taught by Alcoholics Anonymous restored Tom to sanity, allowing him to live a happy, sober, and productive life.

Duration: 14 min

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