Darnell Brown

#61. Every Failure Improves Your Success Story

#61. Every Failure Improves Your Success Story

If I've achieved more success than you, it's only because I've had many more failures. And that only means that I've had more experiences than most. It doesn't mean I don't fear failure, I just focus on the lessons and pursuit of growth, as it is life's greatest teacher and a necessary part of the process. Only then is the success we're after actually attainable. Thanks for tuning in! Dig this episode? Subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. Find more stuff like this at bulletproofhustle.com and tag @bulletproofhustle on Instagram & FB. Lastly, it means the world to me to know what my listeners think. Let your vote count by leaving this podcast an honest review. Your rating helps it get ranked (or tanked) and lets others know whether they should tune in too. Shine hard. Grind harder.

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