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The Visionary’s Vision

The Visionary’s Vision

In this episode of Built to Last, host Elaine Welteroth sits down with stylish twin eyewear designers Coco & Breezy to discuss the forces that inspired Coco & Breezy eyewear, the fine art of self-care, and the unique business challenges presented by the pandemic. Paying homage to the original inventor and innovator of the “eye protector,” fashion and beauty influencer Tiffany M. Battle retells the life and legacy of Powell Johnson. Without Johnson’s revolutionary product, Coco & Breezy—among scores of other eyewear companies—would not exist today. To learn more about the small business featured in today’s episode, visit and if you’re looking to dance and sing, follow them on Instagram @cocoandbreezy to get your groove while listening to their DJ sets! Continue the conversation by reaching out to us @americanexpress on social media or by using #AmexBuiltToLast. Be sure to check out the video version on AMEX’s YouTube page featuring illustrations by Reyna Noriega. This episode was recorded prior to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Relevant sources:,This%20Day%20in%20Patent%20History%20%2D%20On%20November%202%2C1880%2C,patent%20for%20an%20eye%2Dprotector&text=chat_bubble_outline-,On%20November%202%2C1880%2C%20Johnson%20Powell%20received%20a%20patent%20for,to%20glare%20of%20strong%20light.

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