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Designed with a Purpose

Designed with a Purpose

In this episode of Built to Last, host Elaine Welteroth chats with Anifa Mvuemba—founder of the womenswear brand, Hanifa. Together they uncover the inspiration behind Hanifa, the craft of designing for Black women, and how community serves as a motivator in the face of entrepreneurial challenges.   Reflecting on the pioneer that paved the way, celebrity stylist Zerina Akers introduces us to Zelda Wynn Valdes, fashion designer and creator of the iconic Playboy Bunny costume. Valdes’ designs were seen on everyone from Josephine Baker to Diahann Carroll and were known to exude ultimate femininity and confidence for a woman, just as Hanifa does for its clientele.   To learn more about the small business featured in today’s episode, visit Also make sure to follow Hanifa on Instagram @HanifaOfficial.   Continue the conversation by reaching out to us @americanexpress on social media or by using #AmexBuiltToLast. Be sure to check out the video version on AMEX’s YouTube page featuring illustrations by Reyna Noriega.   This episode was recorded prior to the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.   Relevant sources:

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