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187. Anaheim Vineyard Dissociation

187. Anaheim Vineyard Dissociation

Last week, the Anaheim Vineyard announced it was dissociating from the denomination. We're fortunate enough to be joined Bill Faris, long time Vineyard pastor and unofficial historian of the Vineyard church. In this episode, Bill shares some helpful background and "insider" perspective on the subject of Vineyard's flagship location leaving the denomination. You can get in touch with Bill at to learn more about what he does! If you like what you hear, share it with ONE FRIEND this week.                                                       Instagram: @brosbiblesbeer Email:                         Bros Bibles & Beer is: Jeff, Scott, Zack & Andy  Find us wherever fine podcasts are distributed. Oh, and share us with a friend this week! Grace. Peace. Cheers! --- Send in a voice message:

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