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How To Get Ready, Reinvest, and Receive with Her Collective Sole

How To Get Ready, Reinvest, and Receive with Her Collective Sole

In this episode, we invite the Founder and CEO of Her Collective Sole JeNay Silva to share her Broken into Beautiful story with us. For years, JeNay was stuck on a path that was unfulfilling and detrimental to her mental well-being. Tune in as she brings us on her journey of growth as she discovers her passion for sneakers and turns that very passion into a full-blown business. JeNay also opens up about her struggles with anxiety and depression, and how she overcame those hurdles in her life. So join in on the conversation, and uncover the key to true transformation with Stephanie and JeNay.     KEY POINTS / MAIN TAKEAWAYS: JeNay’s wellness journey.  The three Rs of life. How she found her passion for sneakers. The importance of finding your Release mode.   What is a Mobility Specialist and what do they do? The Sneaker School Experience.    QUOTABLES: “Don't ever let your head down unless it's to admire your shoes.”   PRODUCTS / RESOURCES: Visit the Her Collective Sole website at Follow Her Collective Sole on Instagram @hercollectivesole - Like Her Collective Sole’s page on Facebook:   Need some clarity in your life? Book a session with Stephanie for your Cancel the Chaos Coaching Call now: Follow Stephanie on social media:  Instagram:  Facebook:  Talitha Koum: Little Girl I Say To You Get Up - get your copy here:  Broken into Beautiful is edited by Instapodcasts (visit at  

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