Kevin talks with Dan, CEO and co Founder of Leolabs

Kevin talks with Dan, CEO and co Founder of Leolabs

Deputy Chief of Mission, Kevin Covert, was at the unveiling of the U.S. LeoLabs, Inc. Radar in Otago back in October, 2019. Satellite collisions will become less common thanks to LeoLabs tech, which can map space junk that are as small as 2cms in diameter. Such a great addition to the NZ space sector. Thanks to Dan and his team for putting on a beautiful Otago day for the official opening.📡 LeoLabs’ mission is to secure commercial operations in low Earth orbit (LEO). As the LEO ecosystem around our planet gets more congested, the risk of collisions rises, and the need to map the orbits of spacecraft, satellites and space debris grows with every launch. Meanwhile, new generations of commercial spacecraft, such as small and cube satellites, are causing a dramatic increase in imaging, communications and human spaceflight prospects. LeoLabs was founded to address these risks today. With a worldwide network of ground-based, phased-array radars that enable high-resolution data on objects in LEO, LeoLabs is uniquely equipped to offer foundational mapping data and services to mitigate the risks of collisions. These services include rapid orbit determination, early operational support, and ongoing orbit awareness. LeoLabs is a venture-funded company based in Menlo Park, CA, and provides its services to commercial satellite operators, government regulatory and space agencies, and satellite management services firms. More about LeoLabs: While in Otago, Kevin had a chance to catch up with Dan Ceperly, LeoLabs co-founder and CEO... Transcript.

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