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5 Realms of Existence - Baha'i Cosmology - Part 1

5 Realms of Existence - Baha'i Cosmology - Part 1

Part 1 of a multi-series presentation on this subject. Time stamps below 👇 Spiritual Cosmology examines the structure of reality, it's different stations and realms of Being: God, Angels, Manifestations, Prophets, etcWe explore its importance, how it furthers world unity, and lays out a basic Baha'i model.Sections: 1. 0:31 Introduction 2. 2:01 Unity of Religion Problems 3. 3:41 Shallow Unity4. 6:26 Heliocentric vs Geocentric5. 10:52 Inherent - Not Ad Hoc6. 13:09 Different Models7. 14:59 5 Realms Model8. 21:24 Conclusion Download MP3 and PDF here:’i Cosmology Wiki: Bahá'í websiteAmbient music by: Relaxing Piano Music #bahaullah #abdulbaha #faith #unity #knowledge #interfaith #religiousstudies #philosophy #god #unity #religion #investigation #search #truthSupport the show (

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