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Softengine: Finnish Lessons, ESC 2014 & Identical Twins

Softengine: Finnish Lessons, ESC 2014 & Identical Twins

This week we are joined by Topi Latukka & Ossi Mäkelä of Finnish pop-rock band Softengine. Softengine finished 11th in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with their track “Something Better” and have had some major chart success in their native Finland with their album “We Created The World” peaking at #7 in the charts. The band have just released their latest single “All About You And I” with a new album on the way. In this interview we hear about the band's experience at Eurovision, the music they've been working on, and we attempt to speak some Finnish...Highlights:- Softengine’s goal is to make the best music in the world- Topi and Ossi’s English is WAY better than Ross and Marcio’s Finnish (as evident later in the episode)- Ross describes Eurovision as the best thing in the world and is not ashamed to say it- Ross says his favourite Eurovision entries of 2015 were Latvia, Belgium and Sweden (but forgot to mention Norway... which was actually his #1 favourite)- Topi and Ossi tell us about their experience of performing at Eurovision in 2014- We hear how “All About You and I” was written with Martin Garrix in mind, but as Topi missed the deadline, it ended up being reworked for Softengine’s new album- We hear that the band’s new album is going to be released in 2 parts - one happier, and one darker- Topi tells us how he sometimes writes for other artists, and how the process differs from writing for Softengine- Topi and Ossi tell us a funny story about two identical twins who wanted a photo with Ossi in Copenhagen- Ross attempts to say some Finnish words and fails miserably- Topi and Ossi (almost) share a brain and have never tried kale- Ross tries to describe his latest blog post and completely fails. Luckily Marcio knows more about it than he does.More:- Read the full show notes at Follow us on Twitter at @bridge_atlantic See for privacy and opt-out information.

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