Breaking the Barrier

Ep. 98: When Training Becomes A Rut

Ep. 98: When Training Becomes A Rut

In this episode, Andrew and Zac speak about what to do when your training hits a bit of a plateau.  It happens... Sometimes, your results slow or even halt.  This can wreak havoc on motivation and goal setting.  So we wanted to discuss some things to look for and what you can do when that dreaded plateau hits.  But don't worry... It's a normal part of the process.  Don't let it detract you from aiming to go above and beyond what you ever thought possible! Breaking the Barrier Social Media Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Community: Sponsors: Generation UCAN: Generation UCAN is the smarter #energy #nutrition that is powered by SuperStarch, a slow-release complex carbohydrate that uniquely delivers steady, long-lasting energy to keep you fueled and feeling good! Whether you are an #athlete, or just looking for a #healthy snack, give Generation UCAN, the best choice for steady energy, a try! use code BREAKINGTHEBARRIER for 15% off your first order. Spartan: Spartan Australia is offering the listeners of the Breaking the Barrier Podcast the chance to get 10% off of their races! Simply visit sign up for your race or races and use the coupon code BREAKINGTHEBARRIER for a 10% discount. You can use it for as many races as you want! Sign up and see what you're made of! Use the code as many times as you want!

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