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Ep. 26: Listener Episode and Lessons from the Canberra Marathon

Ep. 26: Listener Episode and Lessons from the Canberra Marathon

In this episode, I feature your answers to the question, "why do you do what you do?". I share these answers before leading into my lessons from a race segment, featuring the Canberra Marathon. It's been an incredible journey so far and I am so grateful to have all my listeners, friends, family, etc to help me along the way. No matter what happens, I feel like I have already won. Some takeaway bullet points: 1. The path isn't always going to be the path you think it will be... But learn from it what you can and how you can. 2. Appreciate the things in your life that are there for you despite anything else. 3. Always be sure to look at the positives, even if you feel like they may not be worth it-- THEY ARE! 4. Look at the bigger picture and see how far you've come overall... 4 hours isn't going to tell you everything you need to know. 5. There's many steps to take in the journey... Not every step will be great... But take the steps anyway. Australian Running Festival Breaking the Barrier Social Media Sponsors: Generation UCAN: Generation UCAN is the smarter energy nutrition that is powered by SuperStarch, a slow-release complex carbohydrate that uniquely delivers steady, long-lasting energy to keep you fueled and feeling good! Whether you are an athlete, or just looking for a healthy snack, give Generation UCAN, the best choice for steady energy, a try! code BREAKINGTHEBARRIER for 15% off your first order Audible: For you, the listeners of Breaking the Barrier podcast, Audible is offering a free audiobook download with a free 30-day trial to give you the opportunity to check out their service. There are over 180,000 titles to choose from and you can find books on any subject. Today I would like to recommend "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey. Visit to claim your free audiobook and 30-day trial! Run With A Smile: Breaking the Barrier is now sponsored by Run With A Smile! A brilliant clothing, homeware, and accessory brand that promotes positivity in running and life! For 10% off your order, visit and use code SMILEBREAK. They ship internationally as well!

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