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S1 Ep #5 Navigating Uncertainty and the Magic of Embodiment with Yarrow Magdalena

S1 Ep #5 Navigating Uncertainty and the Magic of Embodiment with Yarrow Magdalena

In this episode I chat with web-designer, queer writer, mentor and plant lover, Yarrow Magdalena. What I love about Yarrow is how they weave the magical and the practical to create a grounded, delicious life. Together we talk about navigating uncertain times, the magic of embodiment and the benefits of herbalism. If you're currently experiencing a period of change and need some grounding, then this is the episode for you.Topics discussed include:Yarrow’s story and how they ended up with two seemingly different businesses: Daydreaming Wolves and Yarrow Digital. [02:35]Practical tips for navigating anxiety and financial uncertainty [08:55]Decision-making overwhelm [11:38]The different layers of embodiment [13:25]Gender fluidity [19:58]Boundaries - cultivating a consent culture [25:25]Herbalism and brexit [27:00]Resources mentioned:The Artist's Way by Julia CameronInsight Timer App - A free app for meditation and sleepEmergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree BrownPleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown“There is an art to flocking: staying separate enough not to crowd each other, aligned enough to maintain a shared direction, and cohesive enough to always move towards each other.” - adrienne maree brownAbout YarrowYarrow Magdalena is a queer writer, pleasure activist, body worker, celebrant and plant lover who supports soft folks in reclaiming embodiment and a connection to nature through everyday magic and ritual.In addition to running her The Magic of Embodiment membership and offering custom readings and rituals she also hosts Daydreaming Wolves – a podcast for dreamers who are into authentic conversations about healing, everyday struggles and everyday magic.Yarrow also runs a web design + tech studio called Yarrow Digital which supports small businesses in building heartfelt, sustainable online platforms made to hold big dreams and beautiful communities. She specialises in custom made WordPress sites as well as easy to understand tech support, offers no-nonsense business mentoring and runs a low cost DIY Small Business School.Website | Patreon | Daydreaming WolvesAbout the HostLisa is an Intuitive Master NLP Practitioner, and Recovering Perfectionist. She is on a mission to help empaths and highly sensitives to tap into their inner wisdom, and thrive in a noisy, modern world.  Lisa currently lives in Southsea with her partner Bekky and their wire-haired sausage dog Henry. She has a penchant for cake, oracle cards and walks in the woods. Website | Instagram | 

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