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No One Size Fits All Approach – Mike Alberts

No One Size Fits All Approach – Mike Alberts

So much of our success relates to the habits and systems that we are able to implement in our lives. It is a huge theme for us here on the Branch Out podcast, and to continue our exploration of this critical part of personal and professional development, we are joined by Mike Alberts from Cohere Capital to share his experience and learnings. Mike's central message is around finding what works for you; he believes strongly that there is no one size fits all strategy, and the best framework will be found through a curious and adaptive approach. He argues for constant reassessment and rigorous practice of shifting and adjustment. We hear about Mike's current routine, helpful changes he made in response to friction, and how he chooses to view supposed failures or disappointments. Our guest sheds some light on the power of journaling, how he fits in his exercise goals, and the best ways to respond to mistakes. He also gives us some great tips for parameters that can enable us to stay on track when something unforeseen comes along before diving into some deeper concepts of stoicism and staying motivated. Key Points From This Episode: The potential for habits to stand in the way of success instead of aiding it. How Mike rethought his morning routine to better suit his particular needs. Putting helpful parameters in place to ensure getting all the essential things done. The power of starting the day with wins and gratitude! How Mike's attitude towards gratitude journalling shifted over time. Using a consistent approach to break in a tricky new habit that you want to adopt. Allowing for mistakes and giving oneself the grace to miss a marker and then improve. Reassessing and rearranging things in an honest and realistic way for your own benefit. Motivation through the image of your ideal self to make it through the trickier days. Recapping all of today's great lessons about better personal habit building.Today's call to action around reflecting on what is standing in the way of your ideal habits. Mike Alberts on LinkedInCohere CapitalMike Alberts EmailLogan LoomisThe Daily StoicAlex Drost LinkedInBranch Out Podcast LinkedInConnection Builders LinkedInHave thoughts or comments? We want to hear from you.

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