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Getting Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations - Rich Grant

Getting Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations - Rich Grant

Getting Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations with Rich Grant.In an ever-changing world, where we are all increasingly confronted with difficult conversations, it would be easy to retreat and go back to our comfort zones. But growth does not happen here; it happens when you are uncomfortable, and you are pushed to find a way through. Being in uncomfortable situations has contributed enormously to today’s guest, Rich Grant’s, professional and personal growth. As the Director of Business Development for GO, Growth Operators, Rich’s path to the role was not a conventional one because he did not come from a finance or consulting background. Rather than dwelling on this, Rich realized that his skills, albeit different from his colleagues, are equally as valuable. We begin this episode by hearing more about some of these uncomfortable situations Rich has found himself in and the lessons he has taken away. From there, we move onto the topic of diversity. As a Black man in a predominantly white industry, Rich realizes that his background and experiences are unlike anyone else's. He stresses the importance of diverse stories and perspectives in work environments. There is a symbiosis between colleagues where everyone has value to bring, but this calls for greater inclusion of voices that have been marginalized. We then turn our attention to a different side of discomfort – being vulnerable. It can be hard to admit when you do not have particular knowledge, but this humility and openness to learning is where Rich believes we grow. This was an incredible conversation, so be sure to tune in!Key Points From This Episode:How Rich has used uncomfortable situations to propel his professional growth.A story of a time where Rich found himself out of his depth and found a way to make it work.The power of asking questions and taking a personal interest in people.Rich’s experience of being a Black man in a generally homogenous industry, and tips for other minorities in similar situations.Why it’s so important to have diverse thinking in a workspace.The mutual sharing and learning benefits that come with a diverse work environment.Some views, like racism, are deal-breakers, but a difference of opinion is not one of those things.If you cannot face difficult conversations, it’s not possible to progress and move forward.What Rich means by ‘thinking independently together,’ and why he thinks it’s a valuable approachPut yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you can grow personally and professionally Rich Grant LinkedInAlex Drost LinkedInConnection Builders LinkedInHave thoughts or comments? We want to hear from you.

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