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Build Your Community & Pay It Forward - Eric Fischer

Build Your Community & Pay It Forward - Eric Fischer

Build Your Community and Pay It Forward with Eric Fischer.We know that a successful career begins with meaningful connections. Everyone you connect with intentionally will have something of value to give and offer a different angle to the same problem. The reality is that doing things by yourself is tough! We need to focus on becoming the best for our community, to learn to truly listen to what’s going on out there, to hone our public speaking skills, and to build effective teams! Today’s guest is Eric Fischer, a tax partner with BDO out of Grand Rapids. During our conversation, Eric shares his thoughts on what it means to build your community and how you can go about paying it forward. We hear different strategies on how to build your network, what skills are important, how to invest in other people to help them grow, and the concept of passing on your knowledge and opportunity to help others. Stay tuned for all that and more on today’s episode of Branch Out!Key Points From This Episode:Eric shares some of his thoughts around building community and community involvement — what that means to him and how he’s applied it in his personal and professional lives.  Why public speaking and being able to communicate is a critically important skill to hone. How giving to, and helping other people grow makes you grow in return. Eric shares more about the idea behind his Pay It Forward group.Building your network from different angles: Your own personal board of directors. How to get out and actually build your network: Overcoming common challenges.The importance of hearing problems from many different angles to find solutions. As leaders we need to help our teams grow and reach their full potential. The importance of finding your team's internal strengths. ACG Cup - Western MichiganEric Fischer LinkedInAlex Drost LinkedInConnection Builders LinkedInHave thoughts or comments? We want to hear from you. growth@connection.buildersACCELERATE YOUR CAREER GROWTHCareer success comes from having a strong professional network. Take your career to the next level by jumpstarting your networking.I am Interested in the Networking Bootcamp for MyselfI am Interested in the Networking Bootcamp for my Firm or Team

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