Black Water s2e9

Black Water s2e9

This week on Bottom of the Stream Adam and Nick are in the thick of the action watching Black Water, starring 80s/90s legends Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. Can they escape from a submarine prison? Can Adam and Nick escape with their sanity? There is also the usual round up of Netflix news and what we have been watching this week As always there are SPOILERS ahead so if that sort of thing bothers you please watch the film before you listen  Bottom of the stream is a weekly podcast, hosted by film lovers Adam and Nick, exploring the parts of Netflix that most people don't go to in a bid to find out what hidden gems are lurking down there. Every week we rank the films we watch against each other and place them in what we like to call THE STREAM TABLE which can be found on our website Follow us on Twitter and instagram @bots_podcast and on facebook at

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