S4:2 EP44: The Magical World of Beatrix Potter

S4:2 EP44: The Magical World of Beatrix Potter

Today on the podcast Katie explores the life of Beatrix Potter, famed author of the "Peter Rabbit" stories. Creator of so many magical worlds, where did Beatrix find inspiration? And what inspiration can we gain from her life? Beatrix didn't publish until her late 30s, didn't find love or a place to truly call home until her 40s. It's never too late! A lover of animals, the countryside, and tradition, hers is a rich, imaginative life with much to teach us.  --------------------------------  Leave a review for the podcast on iTunes and leave a star rating on Spotify!    Support the podcast on Patreon:     -------------------------------   The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends    "Beatrix Potter - Drawn to Nature" Exhibit    The Secret Life of Beatrix Potter    Peter Rabbit - Vivien Leigh Playlist    Robin Bullock "come by the hills"

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