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Nothing Values More Than Health - Bryce Huett, Distributor Wire & Cable

Nothing Values More Than Health - Bryce Huett, Distributor Wire & Cable

Bryce Huett is an entrepreneur who describes his life as fantastic. He is one of the few people who loves his job. In this episode we cover Bryce getting laughed at when he registered his business without an idea, his love of customers, company culture strategy, the value of trusting people and much more. The takeaway from this episode is the value Bryce puts on health. He's been described by employees as the fittest person in his 50 person office. Even in the darkest days of his current business, which almost died several times, he worked out almost every day and always maintained a healthy diet. I guarantee three outcomes from listening to this episode: you will laugh, learn and leave inspired. I've been told the first 15 minutes are a bit slow and although I don't agree, I'd love your feedback.   Quotes from the episode “Those are the moments where literally you have to bootstrap yourself to get off the ground and if you don’t then it can end bad. And by that sense, you could go and find a job that you truly hate like a lot of people end up doing and never recover from that.” - Bryce Huett “I love what I do and that in itself puts me in the minority from a lot of people that work today.” - Bryce Huett "People that don’t make themselves vulnerable personally are not happy people, they’re not" - Bryce Huett   Quotes from employees “Miss that guy. True leader and risk taker at the same time.” - Chris Camp, Former employee “Single most inspirational person I’ve met. He could talk to a team he’s never met and get them pumped up.” - Keegan Bast, Director of Sales   Business contact Info

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