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Everything in life is an experiment - Keith Wohlwend, BootCampSF

Everything in life is an experiment - Keith Wohlwend, BootCampSF

Keith started BootCampSF in 2000. He is constantly experimenting and seeking adventure. His experiments include starting his business and learning to roll a kayak once capsized in his neighbor’s pool (people actually do this). Keith is not concerned with the world’s judgement, his concern is his next adventure. He’s been one of the most encouraging and inspirational people I’ve come across. The takeaway from this episode is that everything in life is an experiment. There’s no failing, only finding things out. People often avoid taking the necessary risks to reach happiness due to fear of failure. Keith’s philosophy removes that barrier. If you ignore outside opinions and buy into believing that everything is an experiment then every experiment you run gets you closer to success regardless of outcome. Remember, on this show success is defined as happiness. Run experiments and be happy.   Quotes from the episode “That first year, I wasn’t sure. It was kind of like an experiment and that’s kind of how I view everything anyways. Everything is an experiment so you’re not really going to fail, you’re just finding something out” - Keith Wohlwend “If you want to try something knew, you better get good at it.” - Keith Wohlwend “I get up early and get stuff done in the first part of the day, as much as I can” - Keith Wohlwend “I need eight, I need lots of sleep. I always hear about these people that can do four and it’s like, how do you do that?” Of course with any sort of athletic work you have to get a lot of sleep.” - Keith Wohlwend

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