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Are you on Plow-Share?

Are you on Plow-Share?

** #037 Are you on Plow-Share? ** :: Coz, Everybody Loves Rhonda! :: As we continue to work through every attendee of Sister Rhonda's hen's night... meet Sister Leah! Just like her older sister Rahela, Leah is ex-SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). But as usual, we discover the differences between Christian sects is largely academic. :: Highlights include: :: Nephi gets wheeled out of retirement and promptly says a typo "the words of three" - 2 Nephi 11:3. Smitty says Christ is God, contrary to Mormon doctrine - 2 Nephi 11:7. We discover a really disturbing verse that's impossible to joke about - 2 Nephi 12:6. Jesus wants to cum on everyone, real soon, he's so impatient. He only cares about his own pleasure. - 2 Nephi 12:12. God likes porn, but only when it's still images - 2 Nephi 12:16. God wants us all to become mouth breathers - 2 Nephi 12:22. #Reasons to stay home this Sunday# - #Join the Blasphemy# - #Patreon (Bonus Episodes)# - #Website# - If you love us (OR hate us) please leave a rating and review on whatever podcast platform you use.

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