Dr. Sevak Khodabakshian introduces The Intelliroll

Dr. Sevak Khodabakshian introduces The Intelliroll

In this episode, we interview Dr. K, the inventor of the Intelliroll.  For years I have recommended that patients use a foam roller to promote spinal health between treatments.  Two years ago, Dr. K introduced me to the Intelliroll by sending me a prototype.  I immediately knew he was on to something big, as the Intelliroll allowed me to roll my neck, midback, and low back, without putting direct pressure on the spine.  The ridges on both sides felt like a massage going up my spinal muscles.  I have made the Intelliroll the Official Foam Roller for the SpinalAxis program.  Dr. K is passionate about self-care, as it affords us the freedom to participate in the activities we love with the people we love. After suffering a spinal injury while surfing 25 years ago, he committed his life's purpose to understanding the injury process, and helping people work their way through recovery.  His invention of the Intelliroll has been a game changer for people looking for tools that can help them achieve greater results through self-care.   I hope you enjoy our interview! If you'd like to see the webcast version of this episode, please find us on our Facebook page; Body and Mind Aligned. Dr is offering a 10% discount on your purchase of the Intelliroll.  Please visit www.intelliroll.com and use the code: BODYMIND while checking out to receive your discount.  

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