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Learn the English Phrases SELF-ISOLATE and CONTACT TRACING

Learn the English Phrases SELF-ISOLATE and CONTACT TRACING

Read along to practice your English and to learn the English phrases SELF ISOLATE and CONTACT TRACINGIn this English lesson, I wanted to help you learn the English phrase self-isolate. When you self-isolate, it means you stay home, you do not go out, and you do not see other people. You are in self isolation. When you are told to self-isolate, you go into self-isolation. I am currently in self isolation. Before you get too worried, I don't have COVID, I don't feel sick, but I am currently self isolating. I need to self isolate because there was a student in one of my classes that has now tested positive for COVID. So I was sent home a couple of days ago and told to self-isolate. I'll tell you a little bit more about that in a moment.WANT FREE ENGLISH LESSONS? GO TO YOUTUBE AND SEARCH, "BOB THE CANADIAN"✅If you enjoy these lessons please consider supporting me at: the other phrase I wanted to teach you today is the phrase contact tracing. Contact tracing is what they do, what medical people do after they identify someone who has COVID. They try to figure out all of the people that have been in contact with that person. They do contact tracing. So when they found out that a student in one of my classes had COVID, they did what's called contact tracing, and a couple of days ago, I got a phone call saying, you need to self isolate because through contact tracing, we have identified that you were in the same room as this person for an extended period of time.So, to review, I think you get the point. When you self-isolate, it means you stay home and you don't go out, because they are worried you might have COVID. I don't have COVID, at least I'm pretty sure I don't. And they tell you to self-isolate after they do some contact tracing. So, like I said, I am self-isolating right now because due to contact tracing, I have to stay home.Hey, I don't have a comment from a previous video today. I thought I would read you part of a letter that I got two days ago, and you'll see that these terms are actually used in official documents. This letter was from the Niagara Region Public Health, and it says this.Dear staff member, this letter is to inform you that Niagara Region Public Health was notified of a COVID-19 confirmed case at your school. You have been identified as a high risk contact and will have to self-isolate for 14 days from the exposure date indicated below. Date of exposure, March 26th. So it's been a week already. And then it continues, sorry if this is boring, but it continues. The projected last date for the self-isolation period is April 9th, 2021, household members are advised to stay home while you are isolating, except for essential reasons, i.e. attend work or school, medical appointments, groceries, et cetera. You and your household members may return to regular activities on April 10, 2021.So, I'm home for a week, I am self-isolating. I have actually separated myself from the rest of the family. The room where I do my live streams is now the room where I live for a few days. I have been living there for about three days now, two or three days, yeah two and a half days. I have my own bathroom, so I am not using the same bathroom as Jen and the kids.Support the show (

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