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Learn the English Phrases FEELING DRAINED and BRAIN DRAIN

Learn the English Phrases FEELING DRAINED and BRAIN DRAIN

Read along to practice your English and to learn the English phrases FEELING DRAINED and BRAIN DRAINIn this English lesson, I wanted to help you learn the English phrase "feeling drained." When you are feeling drained, it means you have no energy. It's the opposite of saying that you're feeling energetic. I was feeling drained when I came home from work today but then I had supper and I feel a lot better. I'm not feeling drained anymore, but that is why I picked this phrase because I was feeling drained. It comes from the word drain. The drain is where the water goes down at the bottom of the sink. So when you take the little plug out at the bottom of the sink, the water gets drained out. So it's kind of related to that. When you're feeling drained, it's like all of your energy was drained out of your body and you just don't have any anymore. But yeah, I'm not feeling drained anymore. I'm actually feeling really energetic. I think it's 'cause I had a really nice supper. I had a really nice meal and that just pepped me up a little bit.WANT FREE ENGLISH LESSONS? GO TO YOUTUBE AND SEARCH, "BOB THE CANADIAN"✅If you enjoy these lessons please consider supporting me at:, the next phrase I wanted to teach you is the phrase "brain drain." A brain drain is when smart people from one country move to another country. It's when people get college degrees or university degrees and then they move from their country to another country. Canada actually has a brain drain all the time. Many of Canada's finest and smartest people go to university in Canada and they get a degree and then they move to the United States. We have constantly had a brain drain in Canada. In fact, many years ago, Canada had a really good aerospace industry, actually aeronautical industry. I'm not sure if I'm using the right words. We had really smart people who designed airplanes and then a program was canceled and they all moved to the United States to work for NASA in the space program, so we had a massive brain drain. That was a long time ago but it happens to other countries as well. People get an education and then they move away. It's kind of sad. I didn't do that though. I'm still in Canada. I think I'm pretty smart. I hope so. So my brain did not end up going to another country and working there.Anyways, to review, when you are feeling drained, it means you are not energetic, it means you are very, very tired. And when there is a brain drain, it means that people move from one country to another country. So yes, I'm not feeling drained anymore but I think I'm feeling a bit silly and I hope I'm making sense.Let's look at a comment from a previous video. This comment is from Eduardo. "Hi Bob, because of this pandemic, we need to stay at home. We can't visit family, friends, or someone else. We are in the same boat. Thanks, Bob, for the phrases." And my response was this. "That's probably the best example. The whole world is in the same boat right now," because of this pandemic, of course.So there's a lot of bad with a pandemic. It's a horrible thing. But if there's one small thing that is maybe good about it if you could say that, it's that the whole world is in the same boat right now. So Eduardo, thanks for the comment. Great use of the phrase from the last lesson, to be in the same boat. The world is definitely in the same boat right now. We are all experiencing the same things. We are all trying to get through this pandemic together and I hope that it goes well. I hope we can be out of this in a few more months. I don't know how many times I've said that in a video now. I seem to say that quite regularly.Support the show (

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