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"I Am Overwhelmed" w/ Nina Kern

"I Am Overwhelmed" w/ Nina Kern

Nina shares the story of a comedian on Tinder who kept peppering her with questions, culminating in a 6 paragraph message sent at 6am; and a Trump supporter who offered free dinner for sex. Nina's Podcast: White Collar, Red Hands - Who knew rich people committed crime? Not the American justice system! Join Chicago based comedians Nina Kern and Kishan Batcheldor as they talk some of the most prolific crimes committed by the wealthy. Theme music: "Ghosts and Goblins" by Groovebox AKA Dylan Carey Check out his visual album BON BINI. Edited by Gabby Gottlieb with production help from Jason Ryder. Follow Devil's Daughter: Facebook Instagram Twitter Subscribe to our Patreon for bonus content.

Duration: 35 min

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