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“You’re in power. Where’s our bill?”

“You’re in power. Where’s our bill?”

In 2010, the DREAM Act failed in a Senate vote when five Democrats refused to vote for the bill. Will the Biden administration learn from that defeat?  Greisa Martinez Rosas was in the Senate gallery in 2010 when the DREAM Act died. Since then, she’s organized relentlessly to prevent the next Democratic trifecta from failing to protect immigrants. This week, Amira Hassan, Justice Democrats’ Political Director, takes the mic to speak with Greisa, executive director of United We Dream. Together they unpack the immigrant rights movement’s wins and losses from the past two decades, what has changed since those battles, and what lies ahead in the fight for immigrant and racial justice during the Biden years. Greisa also shares her evolution from a shy high schooler to a veteran organizer, and gives Senate Democrats some advice after a few of them voted with Republicans to deny stimulus checks to undocumented Americans. Join United We Dream’s Undeniable campaign. 'The civil rights issue of our time': how Dreamers came to dominate US politics DREAM Act dies in Senate Progressive dems show Biden what “sweeping” reform really looks like On Immigration, Biden Goes Big In Opening Bid To Congress Biden Signs 3 Immigration Executive Orders. Activists Want More Hundreds deported under Biden, including witness to massacre

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