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Build Back Green New Deal?

Build Back Green New Deal?

Did the Sunrise Movement… negotiate a win? Guido sits down with Varshini Prakash, co-founder of the Sunrise Movement, to check in on her well-being after four marathon years of campaigning for a Green New Deal. More than two years after the sit-in with AOC, Guido and Varshini look at Biden’s recent climate announcements and ask themselves: are we reading this wrong or did the Green New Deal.. win the debate over Democratic climate policy? And if the answer is “yes, we did notch some wins but not enough,” how did the climate movement achieve that and what’s next — for the movement and for its army of young people? But first, Guido and Waleed debrief the right-wing attacks on the Green New Deal following blackouts in Texas, and break down how a Green New Deal would prevent such massive blackouts from ever happening again. Additional readings & references: BIDEN-SANDERS UNITY TASK FORCE RECOMMENDATIONS TACKLING THE CLIMATE CRISIS AT HOME AND ABROAD EXECUTIVE ORDER At last, a climate policy platform that can unite the left “End the lies-for-profit games.” Why Texas Republicans Fear the Green New Deal

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