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The Mad Hen Welcomes: Kira Metcalf!

The Mad Hen Welcomes: Kira Metcalf!

Hello you amazing listeners! It's been a while but we're back! Please give a warm welcome to the amazingly talented singer, Kira Metcalf! This month, Christie and Vee, sit down in the studio with Kira to discuss all things music and so much more! We open up with a great round of "Stuff Your Face" and "This OR That"! Then, Kira dives into what she's working on now and what fans can expect! We also talk about our favorite artist, the podcast "My Favorite Murder", introverts, extroverts, and well, i guess you'll have to take a listen to find out the rest! Don't forget to follow Kira Metcalf and see what she's up to next and check her out on any streaming service! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Host/Editor/ Bookings: Christie Henriquez Host/ Editor/ Recording Engineer: Vanessa Cajucom Music by: Bunktown Falls Artwork by: Kelly Wenz

Duration: 1 hr 14 min

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