Christie Henriquez

Say Hello to Bunktown Falls!

Say Hello to Bunktown Falls!

It's time to get down with Bunktown Falls! Your favorite hosts Vanessa and Christie meet the members of BTF for the first time and what a blast it was! We sit down in the studio with Alex, Carl, Spencer, and Santo. Not only are they talented, hilarious, and artistic souls but they are also the best of friends. We got to chat with them about the meaning behind the band name, where it all started, and what to expect next. BTF, shares their upcoming shows and for the first time they announce some exciting news about what they're working on now! Want to find out more? Be sure to hear it here first and tune in! Don't forget to follow Bunktown Falls and see what they're up to next! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Host/Editor/ Bookings: Christie Henriquez Host/ Editor/ Recording Engineer: Vanessa Cajucom Music by: Bunktown Falls Artwork by: Kelly Wenz  

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

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