Black Mermaid Magic

All things about black girl magic

All things about black girl magic

Episodes: 11


Wendy Williams finally filed for divorce!

Duration: 11 min

Are the billboards racist?

Duration: 17 min

Wendy what is you doin?

Duration: 22 min

Sick of the Kodak Blacks of the world

Duration: 17 min

Mermaid Break

Duration: 1 min

Can black people be racist? •BMM episode 6

Duration: 38 min

Valentine’s Special• Unbreak my heeeeart

Duration: 31 min

Racially Motivated • BMM episode 4

Duration: 50 min

Facebook Jail• BMM episode 3

Duration: 60 min

Whiskey Rant • BMM episode 2

Duration: 44 min

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