Black Girl Heard

Ep 3. TV Shows, Terry Crews & #Girldad Ft Dami Odufuwa

Ep 3. TV Shows, Terry Crews & #Girldad Ft Dami Odufuwa

A podcast series to help black women tackle the challenges faced in the workplace. On this episode, we are having a chat with the wonderful Dami Odufuwa. Co-founder of the wine & whine, the safe haven for women in Lagos, Nigeria. On this episode, we discuss how there is sometimes a superficiality in diverse spaces, We discuss GirlDad hashtag and turning off our activism brains when we are watching tv. For more info on Dami Odufuwa, Instagram: - Twitter: Follow Black Girl Heard: Instagram: Twitter: Medium: Check out our latest article on medium…e-life-4871460fe713 Like to be featured on our podcast email

Duration: 1 hr 22 min

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