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BizzleCast 96.5: "Holy BATGIRL!" BrittGirl & I discuss Batgirl's awesomeness & bright future

BizzleCast 96.5: "Holy BATGIRL!" BrittGirl & I discuss Batgirl's awesomeness & bright future

Table of Contents (H:MM) 0:00 Batgirl! 0:02 Origin of Barbara Gordon Batgirl 0:06 Who is Batgirl? The many faces of Batgirl 0:39 PTSD and the Batgirl-Jessica Jones connection 0:58 CW Arrowverse: Supergirl amazing, Arrow up and down, The Flash a narrative disaster? 1:15 Comparisons to The Defenders on Netflix 1:25 Star Wars in Australia, our love of Rogue One 1:34 Horizon Zero Dawn and female superheroes in video games Welcome, Bizzlecasters, to the 2nd part of my interview with Australia and Novastream’s own Brittany Howarth aka BrittGirl. In part 1 we discussed our thoughts, feelingness, and barely contained giddiness over the amazingness that is the “WONDER WOMAN” film (which is tearing up box offices as we speak) to discuss just a few of the beautiful, touching, and just straight up thrilling moments that we were able to process before glazing over in enjoyment of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine orchestrated by the masterful Patty Jenkins.   But NOW we cut to it and discuss the fabulous, soon to be Joss Whedon-made-film star: “BATGIRL.” Growing in popularity Since Barbara Gordon first appeared to great love in the Adam West (RIP, legend!) Batman series, Batgirl has gone from one of the most consistently entertaining and three-dimensional characters in any universe to the most intriguing comic book film down the pike, at least according to these highly objective reporters.   Bottom Line: Joss Whedon loves and knows how to write the crap out of incredibly strong but also complicated female superheroes – from Buffy to Black Widow to now Gal Gadot’s spectacular Diana Prince in his new directorial and writers role in the “JUSTICE LEAGUE” – but Batgirl’s very ground-level approach is a wonderful contrast to heavy hitter, borderline OP female superheroes like Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Batgirl is much closer in tone and objective to the Netflix Marvel’s Defenders, especially Jessica Jones given their past near-death traumas that haunt them and their complex struggle to accept the past even while trying to positively shape the future -- though, Jessica will laugh at this to the grave even while we know she's full of shit in her cynicism deep down. Babs and the other Batgirls over the years have been equally complex, impulsive, and hilarious. Let BrittGirl and I show you the superhero you've always wanted even though you didn't know it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: BATGIRL! BRITTGIRL: Web: Twitter: @Britt_Snippets Instagram: @brittanyjhowarth NOVASTREAM: Web: Twitter/ Instagram: @NovastreamAu Facebook: Check out more of the BizzleCast at:
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