Darren Eggenschwiler

Why You Should Accept Bitcoin Right Now

Why You Should Accept Bitcoin Right Now

You can join the peaceful revolution by accepting bitcoin for your own products and services, or simply transferring some of your wealth into the bitcoin economy by purchasing some on an exchange or from a bitcoin atm near you. I believe in a world where money cannot be printed or typed into existence; it must be earned. I believe that one day there will be no war. The initiation of force will cease, as there will be no incentive. I believe there is a fundamental flaw in the way our monetary systems operates, and that that flaw is the root cause of a huge amount of unnecessary suffering. Real money is a durable, divisible, portable, distinguishable, discretionary, and most importantly scarce. In the last six years our central bank has typed 375 billion pounds into existence. This exhibits an abundance of money, the very opposite of scarcity, and is equivalent spending now and allowing an asteroid of debt to annihilate our unborn children. I refuse to believe anyone who tells me “you must vote to change society”. We do not need permission to change our own future. Imagine if you could prevent war, eliminate the prevalence debt, and create economic freedom for every human being on earth, without a single instance of violence. That is what Bitcoin is all about. It could be considered the most important invention in human civilisation. For the first time in history, we all share the power to distribute money by contributing valuable resources to the network. It does not require government, it does not require trust, and it does not require permission. As the world's most secure decentralised network, it is classed as anti­fragile. It gains strength from attack, adapts to new environments and most importantly ­ gives no individual power over others. Bitcoin is the future of money, and could bring economic freedom to everyone. I propose that we stop waiting for permission. It will never come. We must take Bitcoin for ourselves. All you need to do, is accept it.

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