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How To Buy Bitcoin

How To Buy Bitcoin

How to buy and sell bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold and other crypto currencies. This is not investment advice, but rather a guideline on how to do these things correctly. Storage: (Private - Hardware) https://trezor.io (Mixed - Phone) https://airbitz.co (Custodial - Web, App) https://www.coinbase.com (Private - Desktop) https://electrum.org (Private - Cold paper) https://www.bitaddress.org Buy and Sell: (Bank Transfer, Decentralised) https://bisq.network (Bank Transfer, Custodial) https://bitbargain.co.uk (Debit Card, SEPA, Custodial) https://www.coinbase.com (Cash, ATM) https://coinatmradar.com (In person) https://localbitcoins.com (Spend, Debit Card) https://wirexapp.com/ Research: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin+Bitc... https://www.bitcoin.com https://www.bitcoin.org I am not responsible for these services, and so cannot guarantee their security - use at own risk.

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