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Adam Donald, Capita Finance

Adam Donald, Capita Finance

In the latest episode, I chat with Adam Donald, owner of Capita Finance. Adam has won numerous awards, including AFG’s Best Broker for Western Australia, Better Business Awards’ Best Residential Broker for Western Australia, and many more for his outstanding customer service. To achieve these results, Adam has a secret weapon: amazing relationships. Adam shares his best tips on how to create powerful referral partner relationships with real estate agents that can turn on a constant flow of quality leads into your business. We also discuss the ROI of taking time to educate your clients, the massive importance of having a great team with clearly defined roles, and the need to surround yourself with great people if you want to successfully scale your business. And the foundation of all these relationships is…total authenticity. If you want to build better, more authentic relationships that will supercharge your business growth, tune in now to hear a master of the art share his best strategies with you.

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