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Is it too soon to ease restrictions? Ont. Housing Summit seeks solutions to build more homes & Inflation hits a 30 year high!

Is it too soon to ease restrictions? Ont. Housing Summit seeks solutions to build more homes & Inflation hits a 30 year high!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Ontario is planning to ease COVID-19 restrictions on indoor restaurant dining, gyms, movie theatres and more on Jan. 31, allowing them to open at 50 per cent customer capacity with masking protocols and proof of vaccination, sources told the Star. The date, a week from Monday, will mark almost four weeks since Premier Doug Ford ordered venues closed on Jan. 5 to quell the Omicron variant, which has sent new COVID-19 infection levels off the charts and filled hospitals with record numbers of patients. Do the current restrictions in Ontario match the data? Or are we just being less honest with our data? ALSO: Ontario health minister says Omicron cases expected to peak this month GUEST: Dr. Tara Moriarty, Head of an Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory at the University of Toronto- - Ontario's largest communities will get new funding to help speed up development approvals, Premier Doug Ford announced as he hosted a housing summit Wednesday, but the municipal leaders he met with say much stronger action is needed. Ford said his goal for the virtual meeting with big city mayors and regional chairs was to come up with concrete ways to allow more families to buy a home. GUEST: Michael-Collins-Williams, Chief Executive Officer of the West End Home Builders’ Association - The economy no longer works for the benefit of most people. And if the economy doesn’t function, nothing else will. Without a strong economy, we won’t be able to pay for social programs like health and education, and we won’t be able to take care of our elderly, the frailest and most vulnerable among us, or the poor and the homeless. What is most troubling about the failure of our economy is the Great Divide that now exists in terms of income. The rich are getting richer, the middle class is shrinking, and the poor among us are growing in number, with few opportunities to rise up out of poverty. Overall living standards for most Canadians are declining, and have been for several decades now. As a result, a growing number of people are struggling to make ends meet. ALSO: Canada's annual inflation rate highest since 1991 GUEST: Frank Stronach, Founder of Magna International Inc. See for privacy information.

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