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Five Strategies for Reading Revelation - Apocalyptic E6

Five Strategies for Reading Revelation - Apocalyptic E6

The book of Revelation is full of symbols and images that are confusing when we remove them from the context of the Hebrew Bible. But if we understand the context, community, and nature of apocalyptic literature, the text can reshape the way we see the world. In this final episode of our series How to Read Apocalyptic Literature, Tim and Jon look at the book of Revelation.View full show notes from this episode →Additional ResourcesMichael Gorman, Reading Revelation Responsibly, p. 64.Melodysheep, Timelapse of the Future: A Journey to the End of TimeBibleProject, Overview: Revelation Part One and TwoSteve Moyice, The Old Testament in the Book of RevelationShow MusicDefender Instrumental by TentsSnacks EP by No SpiritFills The Skies by Josh WhiteShow produced by Dan Gummel and Camden McAfee.Powered and distributed by Simplecast.

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