Tim Mackie & Jon Collins

Decoding the Parables – Parables E5

Decoding the Parables – Parables E5

In this episode, Tim and Jon talk about the first of three questions to help us become wise readers of the parables and gain insight from them. What symbols did Jesus weave in the parables—and which did he not? Join Tim and Jon for this fascinating discussion.View full show notes and images from this episode →Additional ResourcesKlyne Snodgrass, Stories with Intent: A Comprehensive Guide to the Parables of JesusCraig Blomberg, Interpreting the ParablesAmy Jill-Levine, Short Stories by JesusShow MusicDefender Instrumental by TentsBeneath Your Waves by Sleepy FishShow produced by Dan GummelPowered and distributed by Simplecast

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