The Blood Cries Out - Apocalyptic Special Episode

The Blood Cries Out - Apocalyptic Special Episode

In this special mid-week podcast episode, Tim and Jon address recent events in light of The Revelation. Listen in as they discuss the use of “word and testimony,” the meaning of Babylon, and the exposure of slavery in the book of Revelation.View full show notes from this episode →TimestampsPart 1 (0:13:30)Part 2 (13:30-28:30)Part 3 (28:30-39:30)Part 4 (39:30-47:00)Part 5 (47:00-end)Additional ResourcesRichard Bauckham, “The Economic Critique of Rome in Revelation 18,” p. 370-371.BibleProject, Exile podcast seriesBibleProject, Way of the ExileShow MusicDefender Instrumental by TentsNo Spirit: Snacks EPChillhop Essentials Summer 2020Conquor by Beautiful EulogyShow produced by Dan Gummel and Camden McAfee.Powered and distributed by Simplecast.

Duration: 52 min

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