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A proven way to amplify results from influencer marketing - Rob and Kennedy from ResponseSuite

A proven way to amplify results from influencer marketing - Rob and Kennedy from ResponseSuite

Rob and Kennedy, founders of ResponseSuite, share the ins and outs of a proven survey strategy to amplify signups and sales when you're featured by influencers. [spp-player url=""] Rob and Kennedy's Insights about leveraging surveys and quizzes  During our conversation, Rob and Kennedy share: Common myths about surveys that might be preventing you from leveraging this powerful tool to grow your business The "clicking-not-thinking" strategy to multiply the number of people who complete your surveys What differentiates a boring survey from a compelling survey The competitive advantage that surveys have over passive forms of content The  average number of questions your survey should have for maximum completion rates Three key questions to ask your survey respondents to get the best results from your campaign How surveys can be used not only for lead generation but as a powerful segmentation tool How a successful marketing funnel would look like once you have incorporated a segmentation survey How to maximize the sales of your digital programs through surveys Leveraging surveys to sell affiliate programs and products When and your where in your prospect's journey it's best to include a survey Why people unsubscribe to your list and what you can do about it The "chain to stack" email marketing strategy that will help you reduce unsubscribes and get much better results Kennedy closed by saying, "The quality of your outcomes will depend on the quality of your questions." Food for thought! More about Rob and Kennedy from Response Suite Rob and Kennedy are the most unlikely entrepreneurs you'll ever meet. Sporting hairstyles that look like comic-book characters and backgrounds in psychology, hypnosis, and show-business – it's hard to believe they're serial entrepreneurs with an uncanny knack for building businesses with riotous email marketing. They're the founders of which helps businesses power their sales and marketing using customer feedback. They are also the hosts of the popular "3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast." Access Rob and Kennedy's complete gift package with: A 14 day free trial of Response Suite Personalized implementation session Survey marketing masterclass ($497 value) Access the gift package HERE: Listen to "3 Marketers Walk into A Podcast" Learn more about Response Suite Check out Rob and Kennedy's webinar The Weird 1-Step Email Campaign That Doubled Our Sales And How To Rip It Off In Under 60 Mins!

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