10 | What's Going On in Palestine? How Can I Help?

10 | What's Going On in Palestine? How Can I Help?

Join Lama and I as we discuss what is happening in Palestine and how you can help! We discuss Sheikh Jarrah, Gaza, the ongoing nab and the United States’ complicity in the occupation. Lastly, we talk about congressional advocacy, raising awareness on social media, and leveraging purchasing power to support the BDS movement. BDS: click here for a list of companies to boycott. Congressional advocacy: text PTFDZN to 50409 to send an email to your representatives to support H.R. 2590– the Palestinian families and children act. Organizations to support: US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, Palestinian Youth Movement, Occupation Free DC, American Muslims for Palestine. Palestinian voices to uplift: Mohammed ElKurd, Muna ElKurd, Subhi Taha, Eye on Palestine. LASTLY, the Israeli defense minister has come to DC to ask the Biden admin for $1 billion extra in military aid. Say NO: bit.ly/NoMoreWeapons. Here's to a free Palestine! 🇵🇸

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