Better Said Than Written

Internet Not an Option, Now What?

Internet Not an Option, Now What?

The host, Tamika Cody, has taken a new spin on the podcast, Better Said Than Written. This time around she's decided to "read" a short essay that she thinks sounds better said than written. First up, is Emma Rathbone's article Before the Internet which you can find on The New Yorker's website. Would you know how to fill your day if you didn't have the Internet? Well, there was a time when most of us relied on creativity to occupy our day without the help of the World Wide Web. Emma Rathbone gently reminded readers of what it was like to create dance moves in the spur of the moment, whip out a notebook to create a piece of artwork, and to flip through a booklet to identify a precious stone. The short essay actually sounds Better Said Than Written. So here's a question for you. How would you occupy your day if the Internet wasn't an option? Send your views to or leave your comments below.

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