180. Pinned Not Weak. Geoffrey Moore

180. Pinned Not Weak. Geoffrey Moore

Geoffrey’s dad was born in 1906, a larger than life hero, he was an engineer on a mining expedition in the subarctic, people thought his dad was his grandfather!  What’s it like growing up with a father who’s a retiree?  Today we talk about needing a hand up, mental health challenges, and what can happen when you get pinned in life! Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy. Geoff Moore is a proud husband and father of four children. He is an active volunteer and second time entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable finance.  His greatest hero is his dad, who was a World War II veteran!   Almost ten years ago, his first entrepreneurial venture did not succeed and a whole host of issues drove him into the hospital for 5 weeks with a mental breakdown.  Based on this and other life experiences, he has decided to launch The Pinned Podcast in order to make a contribution to ending mental health stigma by engaging in authentic conversations with people who have battled through lived experiences of mental health challenges or who have provided care to those who do. Each conversation will be an opportunity for a candid sharing of the invitee's story and their messages of hope for those who are "pinned" today. The goal is to provide a "hand-up" to help people realize that all humans can get "pinned" and they are no ..."pinned" and they are not alone. There is never any shame in seeking a hand-up and the best time to seek it is always today.  Physical and mental health are of course intrinsic, central aspects of being alive... Why then should they be viewed any differently when people are in need of care?   Connect with Geoffrey   Subscribe and leave a five star review   Me and my daddy would love to hear from you   Connect with Reena

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