174. Forget Retirement I Wanna Rock! Robert Miller

174. Forget Retirement I Wanna Rock! Robert Miller

Robert Miller's parents told him from a young age he was going to be a musician whether he liked it or not?  Did your parents sign you up for piano lessons?  Robert picked up the trumpet because of his daddy!  His father wasn't into rock and roll but they did play duets together for Robert's mother!  His daddy played private events and Robert tagged along and was put into the band for club dates.  Sixty is the new forty!  Robert is following through on his dream now!  Never stop dreaming!  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space for Controversy.   Robert Miller is a musician who had a youthful dream to become a Rock Star. He came from a musical family and came of age during the British Invasion era of the 1960s. He played in rock bands through high school, studied bass with John Coltrane’s bassist, and became a mainstay of the Boston music scene in the 1970s. He was sure that he was on track for stardom in music. But like for many people, life then got in the way of his dream. Marriage, kids, job, obligations. He thought he could work a day job and play music at night, but that became impossible. He actually stopped playing music altogether for 15 years. One day he woke up and realized that his dream had slipped away. But the dream continued to burn inside him. Still, it was only when he turned 60 years old that he realized it was now or never to go after his dream. How many more chances would he have? So he made a decision. He gave up everything else and figuratively jumped into the deep end of the pool. First thing, he reorganized his band, Project Grand Slam. He surrounded himself with a group of young, extremely talented musicians - mainly from foreign countries - who had come to NYC to make their mark. He began writing music again and rehearsing with the band. Slowly but surely the band began to make progress - bigger and better gigs, openers for several major stars, festivals and concerts. In just over five years Robert and PGS have released 10 albums including a Billboard #1, have had over 4 million video views, over 1 million Spotify streams, over 50,000 Facebook fans, played festivals and concerts around the world, and opened for Edgar Winter, Blues Traveler, Boney James and Mindi Abair, and an after-show for YES. Robert realized that he had accomplished something that was unique and inspiring - becoming a Rock Star in his 60s, an age when most Baby Boomers were planning their retirement. Along the way he had developed a path into pursuing and succeeding at one’s dream, and felt that he could inspire others to follow and succeed at their dream. So he started this podcast. The Follow Your Dream Podcast features a variety of guests from different walks of life who have in common that they followed their dream to success. Robert will also introduce his music and his band, Project Grand Slam. Each episode will feature a different one of Robert’s songs which fits with the guest or theme of that episode. Robert has now written The Follow Your Dream Handbook to accompany the podcast. The Handbook is a combination memoir of Robert’s personal story plus a how-to achieve success with one’s dream. The Handbook was released in August and immediately became an Amazon #1 Bestseller! Find Robert Miller!   Find Reena!   Me and my daddy would love to hear from you!  Leave us a five-star review easily below! or    

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