Anna Jaworski

Bereaved But Still Me

"Bereaved But Still Me" is a podcast for the bereaved community that was formerly known as "Heart to Heart with Michael." As we entered Season 5, we decided to rebrand our podcast to make it easier for the bereaved community to find us. We are happy to announce that "Heart to Heart with Michael," was nominated for a 2020 WEGO Health Award. "Heart to Heart with Michael" was a finalist in the Health Podcast category. This was a great honor for our podcast."Bereaved But Still Me" is a product of the Hearts Unite the Globe Network of Podcasts. Our Host is Michael Liben, our Producer is Nancy Taylor Jensen, and our Executive Producer is Anna Jaworski. Our monthly program has been designed to empower, educate, and support the bereaved community. New episodes are broadcast every 1st Thursday of the month.For more information about the "Bereaved But Still Me," please check out our website: and look at the "Bereaved But Still Me" tab.

Episodes: 72


When a Comedian Loses a Brother

Duration: 31 min

Losing a Son to Cerebral Palsy

Duration: 27 min

Marriage 2.0: Saying, “I Do” Again

Duration: 26 min

Losing My Son; Finding New Purpose

Duration: 31 min

Five-Year Anniversary Special

Duration: 36 min

A Duet of Joy and Sorrow with Alden Solovy

Duration: 28 min

Cycling Through the Pain

Duration: 30 min

Sometimes the Answer is “No"

Duration: 32 min

A Christian Perspective on Grief by Suicide

Duration: 36 min

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