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30 - Surviving domestic violence with Ash Turner

30 - Surviving domestic violence with Ash Turner

In 2016, 3.6 million Australians were subjected to physical violence and/or emotional abuse by a current or previous partner.  Ash Turner’s journey is included in this alarming statistic, and it’s a pleasure to welcome her to episode 30 of Beneath the Surface.   Ash is a fellow podcaster, single mum and domestic violence survivor, who openly shares her traumatic and empowering story of her journey through a relationship riddled with domestic violence. In this episode, Ash talks openly about her experience being mentally, emotionally and physically abused by an ex-partner, how she broke free from the chaos as well as the ongoing side effects she now experiences. Ash is awesome and I highly recommend connecting with her and tuning into her podcast ‘Empower with Ash’, which is all about using the adversity in our lives as motivation for triumph. Reach out to Ash on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram 

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