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How Low Testosterone Can Destroy Your Heart And What You Can Do About It.

How Low Testosterone Can Destroy Your Heart And What You Can Do About It.

This year, popular media has been blowing up the news with reports that But what they don't tell you is that low testosterone (in both men and women) can actually decrease your cardiac health, bigtime. And if you don't address low testosterone as you age, you not only pile extra stress on your heart, but you also get frail, lose muscle, gain fat, get impaired cognition, experience lower bone density, increased risk of type II diabetes, and many more serious issues. There were also many, many other problems with the . And you'll learn about those problems - and much more about the link between your heart and your hormones - in today's podcast episode with Jon Benson. Ten years ago, (pictured above) was a somewhat typical American male: Overworked, over-stressed, and overweight. Benson's weight put him officially into the "obese" category and brought with it all the associated disease states such as high blood pressure, high inflammation, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, massive amounts of "stress fat" around the belly and chest region, and some serious heart issues. But he's fixed himself. Jon is now a 4-time bestselling author on the subject of fitness and nutrition, including "Fit Over 40", "7 Minute Body", and "The Every Other Day Diet" - and testosterone plays a big role in his story. Today you're going to learn all about Jon, and the crucial link between your heart and your hormones. During our discussion, Jon and I cover: -How increasing testosterone improve cardiovascular health... -The best way to test testosterone, and other hormones to test... -What kind of total and free testosterone numbers you should look for... -What to do about excess estrogens and aromatization... -What the best and safest methods are for testosterone replacement therapy... -The ideal herbs and supplements for increasing testosterone... Resources we discuss in this episode: - (check on your testosterone, cortisol and much more) - - (that Ben takes) Do you have questions, comments or feedback about the link between your hormones and your heart, or how low testosterone can destroy your heart? Leave your thoughts at !

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