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Ep 68: Shoulder Dystocia

Ep 68: Shoulder Dystocia

Practice Bulletin #187, Published May 2017 (Reaffirmed 2016) 1. Neonatal complication risk is overall low (5%), including brachial plexus injuries, clavicle fracture, humerus fracture. HIE/death are also possible, but extremely unlikely. 2. The faster that a shoulder dystocia is resolved, the less likely HIE/death. 3. It's nearly impossible to predict shoulder dystocia, but risk seems to be higher with larger fetuses and diabetic mothers. 4. Insufficient evidence to conclude that early induction of labor when fetal macrosomia is suspected decreases the risk of shoulder dystocia. 5. Steps to resolving shoulder dystocia per ACOG: stop pushing, McRobert's maneuver w/ head traction, suprapubic pressure, rotational maneuvers, then posterior arm delivery. My advice? Get her on all fours way before any of the other maneuvers (Gaskin maneuver). Show Notes **Visit our friends at The Labor of Love Co. to send a pregnant person in your life a curated maternity or postpartum care package!** Wine pairing: 2017 Central Coast Red Blend from Smith & Hook Theme music by Evan Handyside Logo design by JD Dotson (

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