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Ep 163. Mercedes Nieto: Finding Home Inside Your Body

Ep 163. Mercedes Nieto: Finding Home Inside Your Body

Mercedes Nieto is an internationally acclaimed oriental dance artist based in Budapest, Hungary. She is world famous for her delicate, elegant, and yet passionate dance style, which is innovative and unique. Mercedes has spent a decade touring around the world: since 2009 she had been teaching and performing in more than 50 countries at around 30 different oriental dance events yearly. While constantly traveling and sharing her knowledge, passion and unique vision for belly dancing, she kept organizing the highly acclaimed CAIRO! Fest Budapest. Also, Mercedes is producing Middle-Eastern music specifically for oriental dancers since 2012: she has released five albums that gained wide international success among dancers.In this episode you will learn about:- Going thorough the experience of lockdowns- Losing live audience shows, and how it impacts the dance- Learning to embrace uncertainty - Cooking healthy meals out of laziness- Hosting an international festival onlineShow Notes to this episode:Find Mercedes Nieto on Instagram, FB, and Youtube.Previous episodes with Mercedes:Ep 45. Mercedes Nieto: Social Media TrapsEp 46. Mercedes Nieto: What Does It Take To Be a Touring Artist?Follow Iana on Instagram, FB, and Youtube . Check out her teaching platform: the Iana Dance Club. New YouTube show “Artist Date” is available HERE.Podcast: www.ianadance.com/podcast

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